Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy

First, what are Liebherr refrigerator reviews?

Everyone’s heart can be opened by food. That’s why Liebherr has created a range of freestanding and built-in refrigeration products designed to maximise space and ensure long-term freshness. A wide variety of high-end home and commercial appliances are available from the family-owned Liebherr Group, which takes pride in its innovation and quality. In order to identify new trends and “keep one step ahead,” the company asserts that it regularly makes investments in research and development.

The brand’s domestic line offers both built-in and freestanding refrigerators for households looking to replace their old models. Fridges, freezer cabinets, and fridge freezer units are among the many of these items. However, Liebherr asserts that its professional range is built to be dependable and able to withstand “extreme conditions” if you’re looking for a refrigerator for your business.

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Praises Of Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews

Super Service – Top Brand – Quality

I just want to compliment the Liebherr team in Ireland and the NAA for their super service. I had a minor problem with a Liebherr refrigerator. Both Liebherr and NAA were outstanding. resolved in a flash. You can tell you are working with ethical businesses or people when that happens… when you have a query and you see how they deal with it. I just felt the need to acknowledge how impressive it was. Highly recommended – thank you

Best Choice

I got mine at a fallout sale because Sub Zero was so concerned about this line of refrigerators—in particular, the salesman admitted, because they came in “french door” styles—that they gave the store an “us or them” ultimatum. I am overjoyed that I chose Liebherr.
I’ve now owned this appliance for more than a year.

Contrary to some of the reviews on this site, the temperature is kept exactly the same, and the stainless steel finish is simple to maintain with windex once the initial oils from other cleaners are removed (be patient; this takes time or some serious rubbing at first, but once done, cleaning is as simple as any stainless steel). (My last refrigerator was 16 years old.) My electric bill appears to reflect the efficiency in lower bills. I adore the thoughtful layout, have no issues with the shelf sizes (I don’t purchase or stock super-sized soda bottles), and the freezer drawers are incredibly useful.

The ice maker jammed once because it produced too much ice (I don’t use a lot), but I figured out how to fix it, and it has since worked without a hitch. The majority of comments about the tiny cubes are favorable.

I don’t typically write these, but I’m here because of a positive experience, and because it seems from what I’ve heard and from a few people here that the competition is threatened by them, and instead of trying to improve their own product, they are trying to kill the better one with false information. In the age of the internet, this is how modern trade operates.

Buy the Liebherr.

Liebherr Were Great!

Thankfully, after placing our order for 2 bottom door shelves, they arrived within a few days. But when the package arrived, one of the shelves was broken, so I had to call Liebherr and explain what had happened. The woman we spoke with was very kind and understanding, and she promised to send the money back right away.
Definitely 5star

The Unit Is Great So Far, Even Though We’ve Only Had It For A Short While.!

This is essentially the only business that is filling that specific niche; we wanted the built-in look but didn’t want the extra expense. Really happy with the appearance and quality and think that it was ultimately worth the extra cost. If you need a lot of freezer space, it is pretty small, but if not, the two drawer system is convenient and
maintains a lot of organization. Although ordering an appliance online made us a little uneasy, the delivery process was probably one of the smoothest we have ever experienced. Just as if you were buying it locally, the item is shipped to a nearby delivery service, who then contacts you to arrange a time window. Overall, the experience has been nothing but positive.

A Very Helpful Company Keen To Guard The Good Name Of Their Products

The freezer compartment in my Liebherr CUN 3033 refrigerator/freezer malfunctioned two weeks into the appliance’s two-year warranty. I called Coolectric, the UK representatives for Liebherr, and they immediately scheduled an engineer to visit. Unfortunately it was not able to be fixed after several visits by the engineers. A brand-new replacement CUN 3033 refrigerator/freezer was ordered by Cooletric. What a wonderful service from a reputable business and manufacturer. See more about What Is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy
Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers: Buy Or Not To Buy

Complaints Of Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews

Just Purchased A New Liebherr Fridge In…

Just bought a new Liebherr refrigerator in May 2022. It hasn’t cooled consistently for some reason. Today I tried calling customer care to find out if it is an issue with the fridge or some settings done incorrectly. To my surprise, the Customer Care number is disconnected. Uncertain whether the business still exists in India.

Don’t Buy This Refrigerator

I bought this refrigerator to replace one that had been a Sub-Zero for more than 30 years before it finally gave out. I had issues with the refrigerator’s temperature control right away. Everything freezes except for the top shelf. water, milk, eggs, and produce. Everything freezes even after I lower the temperature to 44F.

Because I did not have the original packaging, the seller refused my attempts to return the refrigerator. I have so far been unable to get the manufacturer to fix the appliance.

I really regret not investing in a new Sub-Zero instead of this awful product when I was trying to save a little money.

Awful, Dishonest Liebherr

After purchasing a fairly expensive refrigerator, I encountered numerous issues with a cashback offer (they still haven’t paid it after more than a year).

After many months, they sent me a prepaid card, but it is inoperable, and no one picks up the phone when I call. At first, their justification was that COVID was the cause of the delay.

Hugo Prado at was the person I emailed to try to resolve the issue, but his response was abrasive, haughty, and uncaring.

I even sent a nice email to Willi Liebherr, the group CEO, at, and I have a “read” receipt to prove it, but I haven’t received a reply.

What a backward, awful, dishonest company; they ought to be ashamed of their dishonesty and lack of integrity.

Abysmal Customer Service, Low Quality Products At High Cost

In order to find the “best fridge freezer” I could afford, I did a lot of research.
and this came up just under a miele brand – and more affordable but still a lot of money.
3 years on – the doors have chips but ive never knocked it – the bottle tray has warped and suddenly broke off and milk and water and orange juice all over the floor.

You need to be aware of how many amps a refrigerator use which is the key to making a successful purchase.

Worst Fridge Freezer We’ve Ever Bought

There’s not much to say besides the fact that the worst electric appliance we’ve ever owned was a brand-new Liebherr fridge freezer we purchased for £899 in 2020..
Due to a lack of cool days off, it lost a tremendous amount of food.. Liebherr offer the worst customer service on planet earth… couldn’t get a straight answer off anyone, we muddled on fir 2 years but let me tell you DO NOT BUT A LIEBHERR PRODUCT you will regret it like you can’t believe

Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy
Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers: Buy Or Not To Buy

Should I Buy A Liebherr Fridge?

Liebherr offers a selection of refrigerators and freezers that can be used both at home and in commercial settings. These products are said to be convenient and energy-efficient, and they typically cost between $1,392 and $15,228. They are also said to be made with high-quality materials.

Due to features like FrostSafe and SuperFrost, refrigerators like the Liebherr SGNEF3036 may be the best option to take into consideration if your family frequently fights over the last piece of cake in the fridge or if someone is constantly opening both the refrigerator and freezer doors to decide what to eat. For large families and individuals who simply enjoy inviting friends over for large feasts, products like the Liebherr OKES1750 and Liebherr SBSBS7253 are equally suitable. You need to be aware of how many amps a refrigerator use which is the key to making a successful purchase.

In the event that you prefer something a little more compact, there are also small refrigerators like the Liebherr CMES502. These can be used as a freestanding appliance in the bathroom or mounted on a wall in the kitchen to store any health and beauty products.

From its Vinidor line, Liebherr offers a few multi-temperature wine cabinets for the ideal glass of wine at home. These models typically come with two or three wine safes that each have a temperature range of 5 to 20 degrees. Numerous Liebherr wine storage compartments, whether in a wine chiller or refrigerator, also let you control the temperature and humidity for fine control.

We are aware that finding the ideal refrigerator for your house is not simple. For you to compare what’s available and select the ideal fridge for you, we have a large selection of products and brands on our website. See more about What Is A Kimchi Refrigerator?

Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy
Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers: Buy Or Not To Buy

Are Liebherr Refrigerators Worth The Money?

We frequently hear this query from customers who are debating buying a new refrigerator. And although we can’t speak for everyone, we can say that Liebherr refrigerators are unquestionably made to last. You can be confident that your refrigerator will last for many years since they use high-quality components and construction.

Liebherr Features That Make Them Worth The Money

Liebherr refrigerators are worth the investment because of their features and durability.

DuoCooling Technology

The new generation of DuoCoolers’ dual refrigeration system offers superior performance and efficiency in addition to better food preservation. This technology prevents any transfer between the two compartments, preserving flavor and extending the freshness of desired foods!

SuperFrost Technology

Your fresh produce is not only protected by super frost, but it is also preserved with more vitamins. With a freezing point as low as -26°F (-32°C), you can be certain that all of these fantastic nutrients will remain intact for longer periods of time than if they were stored without any special treatment!

Liebherr BioFresh Technology

The BioFresh technology in a Liebherr makes it simple to keep your food fresh. Your Liebherr refrigerator can store fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats for extremely long periods of time through its advanced freezing process, extending their shelf life.

Super Quiet

Liebherr is the refrigerator for you if you want one that runs quietly. Due to their speed-controlled compressors and low noise cooling circuit, Liebherr refrigerators are essentially silent.

Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy
Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers: Buy Or Not To Buy

Why Choose A Liebherr Refrigerator?

As A Specialist In Refrigeration And Freezing, Have More Than 60 Years Of Experience.

With locations in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and Malaysia, Liebherr is a specialist in refrigerators and freezers. For more than 60 years, Liebherr has consistently created compelling product solutions. We are continually inspired to work harder to create the highest-quality appliances by the faith you, our customers, place in us. Instead of creating a refrigerator today and a cooker tomorrow, our engineers are true experts in refrigeration, freezing, and freshness. No other large domestic appliance manufacturer has as many brand-loyal customers as Liebherr, which is attributable to our passion and our many years of experience, which are evident in each of our products.

The Best Components And Materials, As Well As A 10-year Supply Of Spare Parts.

Liebherr only uses the best materials and components in the construction of its appliances to ensure the dependability of all its products. Every appliance goes through rigorous testing during production to guarantee perfect quality and functionality. We can always guarantee our renowned Liebherr quality and the long service life of our appliances because we are committed to the continuous development of our technology and to the optimization of all of our components, insisting upon meticulous workmanship in every detail. However, you can rely on our customer service if you need a spare part. Only genuine Liebherr spare parts, which are known for their dependable quality and are typically available for up to 10 years, are provided by us. We want you to be able to use your Liebherr refrigerator for many years to come, and some parts are available for much longer than this. Naturally, fulfilling this commitment requires a lot of warehouse space and logistics work, but as a premium manufacturer, we obviously believe it is crucial to make these arrangements. Additionally, if you ever need assistance, our knowledgeable hotline staff at the Ochsenhausen production site will be more than happy to assist. Additionally, the best possible local support for your appliance is ensured by our extensive network of contract customer service centers. We feel that as a premium manufacturer, we have a responsibility to provide you with this service. You can expect exceptional convenience and dependability from this service.

Elegantly Modern Liebherr Design For Enduring Appeal.

Our refrigerators and freezers meet the highest design standards because they ingeniously combine premium materials and traditional form. Appliances from the Comfort and Premium lines combine the finest stainless steel with precise electronic controls, exquisite features, and a timeless elegance that never fails to inspire. And that holds true not only for our appliances used in the home but also for those used in the workplace. Liebherr appliances are made even more special by special finish materials like BlackSteel and glass.

Flawless Closure And Easy Integration.

Our appliances are easy to install, and we promise that they can be placed in the kitchen environment in a safe and stable manner. Leveling rails guarantee flawless integration, enabling the appliances to operate flawlessly, the doors to close perfectly, and the ideal refrigeration performance to be achieved.

We Practice Sustainable Thinking And Abide By Environmental Regulations.

We think and act sustainably, even when developing our refrigerators and freezers. To make sure that our appliances are dependable and provide the best energy efficiency, we always use the best components. All plastics used in manufacturing are labeled for the best recycling results, and all production techniques are designed to use resources as effectively as possible. Our European production facilities have received ISO 14001 certification, which is the global standard for environmental management.

The Widest Selection Of A+++-rated, Cost-effective Appliances Is What We Have To Offer.

Liebherr provides an appealing and extremely cost-effective range of appliances in the highest energy efficiency classes, across all product groups, by fusing the most cutting-edge precision electronics and highly effective refrigeration systems. This refers to “best in class” not only in terms of effectiveness but also in terms of environmentally friendly innovation. in 2013, At the IFA, Liebherr displayed a model that uses 20% less energy than the class A+++ model with the highest energy efficiency. The environment and your bank account will benefit from this.

Liebherr Invented The First Version Of The Biofresh 0°c Freshness Technology.

The only provider of genuine, patented BioFresh technology, which creates the ideal storage environment for ongoing food freshness, is Liebherr. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy products all keep their vitamins, flavors, and appetizing appearance for much longer than in a traditional refrigerator when stored at a temperature of just above 0°C and at the ideal humidity – and you save money by not having to shop as frequently!

Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers Buy Or Not To Buy
Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers: Buy Or Not To Buy


Do Liebherr Make Good Fridges?

Consumer refrigerators and freezers are Liebherr’s primary product lines. If the brand has an advantage over the other brands we reviewed because of its specialization, we were interested to find out. It was up there with other brands we liked and received high marks for design, usefulness, and functionality.

However, you can rely on our customer service if you need a spare part. We only offer genuine Liebherr spare parts, which are renowned for their dependable quality and, in most cases, are available for up to 10 years.

Where is the Liebherr Refrigerator Made?


With its headquarters in Bulle, Switzerland, Liebherr is a multinational German-Swiss manufacturer of machinery. Germany is home to the company’s primary production facilities.

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Are Miele and Liebherr the Same?

The only distinction between Liebherr and Miele is in the cosmetics and badges (Bosch & Neff). Both brands are produced in the same factory.

How Much is Liebherr Worth?

Willi Liebherr’s net worth was calculated by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index to be $9.43 billion USD. He is now the 263rd richest person in the world and among the wealthiest people in Switzerland.

Please Note: The customer is solely responsible for downloading, filling out, and mailing the rebate within the specified window of time. Please make sure to adhere to all instructions.

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