12-volt RV Refrigerator Reviews In 2022 What You Want To Know

Are you looking for the top 12-volt RV refrigerator reviews? We are aware that the process might not be pleasurable. Because of this, you must be aware of particular factors in order to locate one that satisfies your requirements.

A quick look at 12-volt RV refrigerator review: The 12-volt RV refrigerator is powered by a housaehold battery in the rig (or a starter battery in a car or truck). Unlike absorption or two-way RV refrigerators, which use propane gas to power the refrigeration system, these refrigerators run entirely on electricity.

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Customers’ Reviews Of 12-volt RV Refrigerator

  • The less than three-year-old Domestic refrigerator in our 2018 fifth wheel, which only operated when the outside temperature was below 60 degrees, was replaced after numerous attempts by the dealer, and so far, everything is going well. The fifth wheel now has 5 batteries, a new Everchill 11 cubic foot refrigerator, and 450 watts of solar power. We completed the entire project on our own for less money than a brand-new 12 cubic foot Dometic refrigerator. It has been functioning for about two weeks now with no issues, problems, or worries. There are five settings, and we are currently on setting #3. The outside temperature has been as high as 85 degrees, while the refrigerator’s interior temperature has been as low as 38 degrees. Here we go, boondocking.
  • With two batteries and solar power, I installed this in my boat, and within 12 hours, I had ice. or less, now I have ice in about two hours, which seems impossible to me, but I can’t let it go. I adore this fridge! I give the seller 5***** and UPS 0*, but I can’t say enough good things about the refrigerator because it’s the best I’ve ever seen.
  • Our 2022 Coachman trailer already had an Everchill 12V refrigerator. Colorado and South Dakota were visited on the initial trip. Trailer was on shore power for 4 months, but the fridge was off. 2nd week of January, left the Midwest for Florida. Very chilly; fridge didn’t turn on until we reached Alabama. A broken refrigerator. Lights turned on but failed to cool. Arrived in Florida and transported the RV to a Forest River RV dealer. They identified the issue as a faulty compressor control board. Obtaining the board took several weeks. The warranty covered the entire project. What follows is crucial. To power this refrigerator, your RV battery must be fully charged and in excellent condition. even while connected to shore power. The RV battery is continuously connected to the circuit thanks to the electrical setup. The refrigerator won’t function properly or cool down if the battery is disconnected or has low voltage.
  • I installed this Magic Chef-branded Ever Chill 12v refrigerator in my 2021 Flagstaff travel trailer. Although the 10.7 cuft size and freezer section of my unit are fantastic, the refrigerator section has trouble keeping the temperature below 50F. The refrigerator compartment appears to have little air circulation, which also makes the bottom of the unit 10 degrees warmer. I COULD NOT GET ANYONE TO ANSWER AS TO WHAT THE TEMPERATURE SETTING LIGHT “FLASHING” MEANS. One theory that I’m going to look into further is that perhaps the problem is with the electrical supply rather than the refrigerator. The refrigerator functions perfectly when connected to shore power (possibly because the power converter on the trailer provides 13.7v). However, the light flashes when powered by batteries (12.6v), suggesting that there may be a problem with the wiring (too small of gauge). UPDATE TO FOLLOW
  • I just got this with my brand-new RV, and the second day after using it, it broke….lights are on and I occasionally hear sounds, but it’s not at all cool. I tried reading about it, and sure enough, lots of RVers are experiencing the same issue! It’s very upsetting when you invest that much money in an RV and the fridge breaks down the second night. See more about Valley Food Storage Reviews
12-volt RV Refrigerator Reviews In 2022 What You Want To Know
12-volt RV Refrigerator Reviews In 2022: What You Want To Know

Helpful Information

The home battery in your RV (or possibly the starter battery in your car or truck) powers the 12-volt RV refrigerator. In contrast to absorption or two-way RV refrigerators, which rely on propane gas to power their refrigeration systems, these refrigerators only use electricity.

There are many significant benefits to switching to a 12-volt RV refrigerator for those who are currently using propane or a residential refrigerator. Let’s examine what we currently have.


Your 12-volt RV refrigerator should typically work wherever you need it because it is battery-powered. All you’ll need is 12-volt electricity. For people who are constantly on the move, this is a huge advantage.

More transportable than propane RV refrigerators are even larger models that resemble regular refrigerators. Without having to reroute the propane system, they can be moved or taken out.

More Room

In many cases, 12-volt RV refrigerators have more interior space than their propane-powered counterparts. Less space is needed for the cooling unit, which leaves more room for storage.

Solar-powered And Extremely Efficient

The 12-volt RV refrigerator type is frequently eight times more efficient when compared to a propane absorption refrigerator that uses electricity. The use of an inverter, which would result in electrical losses, is necessary to operate a domestic refrigerator on batteries.

Because no inverter is needed, the 12-volt RV refrigerator is the most energy-efficient electrical fridge option for an RV and can be powered directly by solar energy.

Which 12 Volt Refrigerators Are Available?

Look, lots of things are sold as as 12v refrigerator. However, they aren’t always like that. However, there are a number of ways to keep food cool while traveling in a car. We’ll also examine the key distinctions between your options in this section.

Investing in an electrically assisted cooler is the most affordable option. These function similarly to regular coolers, but a tiny bit of electricity keeps your ice frozen for a lot longer. This is a good full-time option, but it’s also great for the occasional weekend getaway. A thermoelectric cooler is what it is. It merely transfers heat from the interior to the exterior. They are inexpensive, but they consume a lot of power and only significantly increase the shelf life of your ice by about 20%. They are all easily accessible, but none of them come highly recommended.

A good 12 volt compression refrigerator is frequently the best choice. These are expensive, but they are still less expensive than the kitchen refrigerator you currently own. You can get a reliable method for keeping food cold (or frozen) while consuming very little power with the money you spend. These gadgets can easily run on the starter battery of your car or even a very small solar panel system. They are also built to withstand the knocks and bruises that come with traveling.

If you don’t have the money to buy a 12 volt refrigerator off the shelf, you can still make something that works just as well. We’ll demonstrate how to alter a 120 volt unit to create your own. Anyone with some basic hand tool experience can complete the project, and from a functionality standpoint, it works just as well. It isn’t quite as sleek and is a bit bulkier. However, it’s 80% less expensive than commercial alternatives, which makes it a great choice for your remote cabin or RV.

Our top choice: Liebherr Refrigerator Reviews By Customers

How Much Power Will A 12v Refrigerator Use?

To be completely honest, it really depends on your solar setup and the type of fridge you purchase. Some energy-efficient models effortlessly maintain cooling while consuming DC power. The most crucial thing is that you should not use your car battery to power them but rather ACTUAL deep cycle or solar batteries. We go into great detail regarding 12 volt refrigerator power consumption. In order to learn all the details, click through. However, depending on the model, you can generally anticipate between 20 amp hours and 60 amp hours.

You need to be aware of how many amps a refrigerator use which is the key to making a successful purchase.


A 12-volt RV refrigerator is necessary if you want to bring fresh food with you to cook with or keep your beverages cool without worrying about bags of ice when RV camping or touring. Reviews of the top 12-volt RV refrigerators are included in this article. I sincerely hope the information and suggestions in this article assisted you in making the best 12-volt RV refrigerator selection.

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