Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake How To Freeze It

One of the most delicate cakes you can make is angel food cake. This is due to the fact that egg whites that have been perfectly whipped into soft peaks are the main component of the dish. As a result, you should handle your angel food cake with extreme care.

First, can you freeze angel food cake?

The short answer is yes. You can freeze angel food cake. Because angel food cake doesn’t contain butter or other heavy fats, it differs from most other types of cakes in that it can quickly lose moisture and turn crumbly and dry.

For that reason, it’s best to freeze it as soon as possible so that it retains its soft, moist texture after being frozen.

It’s also preferable to freeze angel food cake without any icing or other toppings since they can weigh it down in the freezer because it’s such a soft, airy cake.

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Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake?

Because it is so light and fluffy and pairs so well with fruit, angel food cake is one of our favorites to eat. We did, however, have to discard some slices because no one felt like eating any more of it, as is the case with many foods. One of our readers appears to have experienced the same issue.

Good news! – you can freeze angel food cake. The majority of cakes contain butter or heavy oils, but angel food cake doesn’t, so it quickly loses moisture and can turn dry and crumbly. For that reason, it’s best to freeze it as soon as possible so that it retains its soft, moist texture after being frozen. It’s best to freeze angel food cake without any icing or other toppings because the cake tends to become heavy in the freezer due to its soft, airy texture.

Ways To Freeze Angel Food Cake

This is a step-by-step explanation of how to freeze angel food cake:

Slice the sponge cake into different pieces or your desired size portions

The cake can be prepared for freezing by either freezing whole or by slicing it into individual servings. Either option will be effective. Please keep in mind that cutting the cake after it has frozen is not something you want to try. Most likely, you’ll squash it, ruining the appearance.

Label each portion with “use by date”

Prepare freezer bags with a use-by date and a zip closure. Your cake can be kept for 4-6 months in storage. Put these bags aside for the time being.

Double wrap each slice with plastic or aluminum foil

If you would rather, you can use foil or plastic wrap to gently wrap the entire cake. We advise putting your wrapped cake inside the freezer bag with a label that you made earlier. Seal the bag well.

Put your wrapped cake portion in freezer-safe containers

Put your angel food cake inside a plastic freezer-safe container with a lid to prevent it from being squashed by other items in the freezer. It will be able to keep its shape and avoid being pressed against other objects as a result.

Can Angel Food Cake Be Refrigerated?

It should be put in the refrigerator right away if the cake has dairy and eggs in the filling or topping.

It can be stored for up to a week in a sealed airtight container in the refrigerator. Freezing is your best bet if you need more time.

Cakes freeze successfully even without filling, icing, or topping, it should be noted. As a result, when it’s time to serve, add any toppings or fillings.

You can freeze slices of angel food cake or the entire thing. A whole cake must be frozen in more space. The cake can be beautifully decorated thanks to this trick, though. If you want to dazzle a crowd, it’s worth a shot.

Pre-sliced cake can be frozen to conserve space. Additionally, you can always take a reasonable quantity rather than a large quantity of cake.

How To Store Angel Food Cake In The Refrigerator?

Angel food cake needs to be tightly covered and sealed in the refrigerator for safe storage in order to prevent air exposure.

The best way to prevent the cake from drying out in this situation is to wrap it twice, once in plastic wrap and once in aluminum foil.

Wrapping a cake that has been covered in fruit, frosting, or whipped cream is not a good idea.

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake How To Freeze It
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How To Freeze It?

How Long Does Angel Food Cake Last?

Despite the fact that we have already discussed the angel food cake shelf life in a number of contexts, it is still helpful to state it clearly in its own section.

For the sake of organization, we have divided this section into the aforementioned scenarios.

At Room Temperature

Angel food cake doesn’t need to be refrigerated right away because it doesn’t contain any dairy unless it’s been decorated with fruit or iced with a frosting made from milk.

When properly stored at room temperature, plain angel food cake will last one or two days.

As long as it’s kept out of the air, the cake can be kept on the counter or in the pantry; a cake box, cake holder, or container will do just fine (as we’ve already mentioned), but wrapping it in plastic wrap is a wise extra precaution, just in case.

Additionally, if you intend to consume the remaining portions of your angel food cake right away, leaving it at room temperature is the best choice.

In the Refrigerator

When your angel food cake has frosting or fruit decorations, you should refrigerate it until you’re ready to eat the remaining portion.

When stored properly in the refrigerator, angel food cake will last up to one week.

Make sure the angel food cake is covered in plastic wrap with an additional layer of aluminum foil if you’re storing it in the refrigerator.

However, the double-wrap approach will work just as well. It can also be kept in a glass or plastic container for security.

For cakes that have been decorated or that you want to keep fresh for longer than a few days, the refrigerator is the best storage option.

In the Freezer

Many different food types can be preserved longer by freezing them, and angel food cake is no exception.

When stored properly in the freezer, angel food cake will last about four to six months.

Slice your angel food cake, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, and place the slices in freezer bags before freezing. We also suggest storing your cake bags in a plastic container.

We advise you to defrost and use your angel food cake within the first four months for freshness, but it will still be fine for up to six.

The best option for those who want to save angel food cake for a later special occasion—by which we mean you’re just in the mood for angel food cake—is to freeze it.

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake How To Freeze It
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How To Freeze It?

Ways To Thaw Angel Food Cake

To thaw frozen angel food cake, follow the step-by-step instructions below.


To defrost, transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator. Depending on the size of the cake and the refrigerator’s temperature, it may take longer for the cake to completely thaw. The cake will need time to defrost, so plan ahead and give it plenty of time.

Remove Wrapping

Remove the cake’s packaging with care, then put it on a plate before serving. Add any desired toppings on top of it.

Restore Moisture

If the cake was moist when it was wrapped and frozen, the moisture will be returned as the cake thaws.

Ways To Defrost Angel Food Cake

When you’re ready to eat, defrost the gorgeous cake in the refrigerator for a few hours, or just long enough for it to reach room temperature.

Eat thawed angel food cake right away to avoid it drying out and becoming bland and crumbly.

If your angel food cake becomes too dry, add sauce or fruit slices on top to add moisture. To restore some of its moisture, you can also try microwaving it for a brief period of time. Thawed cake should not be refrozen. See more about What Is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Ways To Make Homemade Angel Food Cake

One of the most delicate cakes you can make is angel food cake. The secret to this cake is having perfectly fluffy egg whites. For a successful result that everyone seated at your table will be sure to enjoy, carefully follow the instructions provided below.


12 large egg whites at room temperature
1 ½ tsp cream of tartar
¾ tsp salt
1 ¼ cups granulated sugar
1 cup cake flour
1 ½ tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice


1. oven to 350F for preheating.

2. Mix sugar and flour in a separate bowl using a sifter.

3. Mix the egg whites, cream and tartar, salt, and vanilla in an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment until soft peaks start to form.

4. Without deflating the egg whites, gently fold in the flour and sugar mixture.

5. Pour the cake batter carefully into a 10 inch tube pan without any grease. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until top is golden brown.

6. To allow the pan to completely cool, flip it over.

7. Run a knife around the pan’s edge when it’s time to serve to help the cake come out. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, then garnish with fresh berries.

Recipe Notes:

1. You must bake this cake in an ungreased pan. In order for the cake to bake properly, the batter must be able to adhere to the pan’s edges. If not, the cake will crumble.

2. Make the egg whites into soft peaks before adding them to the batter. Beat them only when stiff peaks start to form.

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake How To Freeze It
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How To Freeze It?

What Can You Do With Angel Food Cake Leftovers?

Of course, freezing the angel food cake may not be a good idea. Perhaps you are hesitant to freeze the cake because you are concerned that you will simply forget about it.

Have you given any thought to sharing some of the cake slices with your loved ones? To try and assist you in finishing the cake, you might invite a few people over to your house.

With the people you care about, this might be a great chance to chat and enjoy some snacks. This may seem preferable to freezing the cake for a later date if you only have a portion of the cake left.

Perhaps you should attempt baking a smaller cake in the future. It is preferable to bake a smaller cake so that you won’t waste anything if you struggle to finish the cake before it goes bad.

Tips & Tricks

  • Just store the angel food cake in the refrigerator if you don’t plan to keep it for 4-6 months. If you wrap it in plastic or foil, it will keep there for a week without any issues. This will help keep its moisture inside and keep it from drying out.
  • It will stay fresh for one to two days if you store angel food cake at room temperature.
  • Even though the following storage advice should keep you safe, it never hurts to check the cake’s freshness before eating it. Once you notice mold, it’s time to leave. You can sniff it as well. Simply throw it away if it emits an odd odor.

Can Angel Food Cake Be Made Into Cupcakes?

A traditional dessert presentation is using angel food cupcakes. It’s the ideal dessert for any upcoming summer gatherings because it’s topped with berries and dollops of whipped cream that tower above the dish.

Your after-dinner appetite has been waiting for a recipe with all the flavor and twice the fluff that this one has. Trust me.

Since there is no butter or oil in the recipe, angel food cake is naturally a low-fat dessert. The whipped cream on top can now be enjoyed with a little less guilt thanks to this.

Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake How To Freeze It
Can You Freeze Angel Food Cake? How To Freeze It?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should A Two-layer Angel Food Cake Be Decorated?

To frost a gorgeous and professional-looking angel food cake, here’s how:

  • To remove crumbs from the sides of your layered cake, use a brush.
  • A serving plate should have one layer of the cake on it.
  • Put a strip of wax paper under the edge.
  • To cover the edge by half an inch, get 1/3 cup of frosting.
  • On top of the first frosted layer, place the second cake layer with the rounded side down.
  • On the sides of your cake, apply a thin coating of frosting.
  • Prepare the remaining 2/3 of frosting to apply a second, thicker layer to the sides.
  • Form a rim that is ¼ inch high around the cake’s surface
  • Spread the leftover frosting on the surface of the cake
  • Separate all wax paper strips gently

Why Is An Angel Food Cake So Special?

Angel food cake refers to divine fare. It’s a cake made of egg whites, flour, and sugar, more than just a name. It differs from other common cakes in that it can be made without butter. The only ingredients that give it its fluffy and soft texture are tartar and whipped egg white.

Are Angel Food Cakes Permissible For Diabetics To Eat?

To keep their intake of fat to a minimum, people with diabetes should avoid sweets. But there are no preservatives or chemicals in a healthy angel food cake. Furthermore, it contains a modest amount of sugar, making it a suitable dessert for those with type II diabetes.

When Does My Angel Food Cake Go Bad, And How Can I Tell?

One of the most popular methods for determining if the cake has gone bad is to sniff and look at the entire angel food cake.

Try to get rid of any component that smells bad or appears to be moldy. To ensure that your freshly baked cake stays fresh for two days, please store it properly.

A Cake Made Of Angel Food Lasts How Long?

The angel food cake’s current condition will determine how long it lasts. It will keep for one to two days if it is freshly prepared and refrigerated. It can last for up to six months if it is properly wrapped and stored in the freezer.

Angel Food Cake Pan

Use an angel food cake pan when baking an angel food cake for the best results. In order to produce the best results when baking angel food cakes, these pans do not have a non-stick coating and have a hole in the center.

Angel Food Cake Pan
Angel Food Cake Pan

How Should I Prepare My Cake Pan?

If you’re using an angel food cake pan, there is no need to prepare the cake pan. These pans are expertly made to give your cake the best results.

The Best Way To Cool Your Angel Food Cake

Remove the pan from the oven and tip it upside down to cool the angel food cake. Allow the small legs on your pan to hold it in place upside down while it cools if it has any. You can place your pan upside-down on a bottle’s top if it lacks legs.

How Can You Tell If Your Cake Is Done?

When the top of your angel food cake starts to turn golden brown and the batter in the cracks is no longer liquid, it is finished baking.

Can You Freeze And Refrigerate Angel Food Cake?

You can freeze your cake for long-term storage or refrigerate it for short-term storage, respectively.

How Should I Freeze A Whole Angel Food Cake?

Similar to freezing cake slices, an entire angel food cake can also be frozen. Use the detailed directions above to wrap and freeze your cake.

How Should Angel Food Cake Be Freezed?

The problem with sliced angel food cake is that more of its surface area is exposed to the air, which causes it to dry out more quickly. The method we outlined above is the most effective way to freeze sliced angel food cake.

How Can Angel Food Cake Be Storied Keep It Fresh?

For a fresh slice of angel food cake, you can do either of two things. These are to consume it immediately or to wrap it and place it in the freezer or refrigerator. We can choose to consume it.

How To Make The Best Angel Food Cake To Freeze?

Because of its texture, delicate flavor, and lightness, angel food cake naturally freezes well.

Is It Safe To Overnight Leave Angel Food Cake In The Pan?

Is It Safe To Overnight Leave Angel Food Cake In The Pan?

Can Angel Food Cake Be Prepared Ahead Of Time?

Make sure to wrap and freeze angel food cake if you’re making it more than a day in advance. You should put it in the refrigerator and proceed as directed above when defrosting it.

How Long Does Angel Food Cake Last In The Fridge?

The refrigerator is able to store angel food cake for one to two days.

The Bottom Line

So, is angel food cake freezer-friendly?

Fortunately, angel food cake freezes beautifully! In fact, it can be frozen for 4 to 6 months.

Angel food cake isn’t laden with butter and oils like most cakes are. This causes it to lose moisture and dry out much faster. For this reason, you must freeze it as soon as you can to preserve its supple, moist, and airy texture.

Have a try!

Regarding your reading, thank you.

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