Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated How to Store Macarons

Do macarons need to be refrigerated? No, macarons don’t need to be refrigerated. Macarons can be kept at room temperature, but refrigeration will help them keep their flavor and texture for up to two days. The macarons can also be frozen, filled, or unfilled, and kept outside at room temperature.

Continue reading to learn more about how to store and chill these baked goods!

Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated?

“Need” is a strong word. Everything is dependent on your circumstances. Or are you going to eat them right now? Did you purchase them in advance?

If you aren’t going to consume them right away, macarons only need to be chilled.

How Should You Refrigerate Macarons?

If you have leftover macarons or you want to preserve them in advance, you can store them in the fridge or freezer for 2-3 days. If not stored correctly, they risk becoming mushy or disintegrating.

Either the shells and filling of the macarons or the entire macaron can be preserved.

Here are the three methods for chilling macarons.

Refrigerate Whole Macarons

Macaroons should be placed right into the refrigerator if they were purchased or made at home. After four days in the refrigerator, macarons start to lose their crisp texture.

Place the macarons on the center shelf and not on the door of the fridge to avoid temperature fluctuations.

Look for a suitable container to store them in before putting them in the refrigerator.

Take a clean, dry airtight container for the best macaron storage. Don’t let any moisture in; it will affect your macarons as well.

If you plan to layer your macarons, use parchment paper to line the container. This will prevent the macarons from sticking to one another.

A word of caution: make sure to use parchment paper and not wax paper, as macarons will stick to the wax paper and break apart when removing.

Refrigerate Unfilled Macarons

It is best to chill the macaron shells and filling separately if you are making them for a special occasion and want to prepare them two to three days beforehand.

In order to keep macarons’ flavor intact, this is one of the best ways to store them in the refrigerator.

  • Carefully put the shells in an airtight container. aa aa a a a a a a a aa a a
  • In a different airtight container, place the macaron filling in the refrigerator.

In this way, you can store your macarons for 7- 8 weeks. Put them together when your guests arrive or whenever you want to enjoy some macarons.

Freeze the Macarons

The great thing is that freezing macarons will keep them fresh and preserve their flavor and texture for up to 3 months.

  • To prevent freezer burn, make sure the container you’re using is airtight before freezing.
  • Use two or three layers of parchment paper to line your container.
  • Place a further layer of parchment paper and aluminum foil on top before snapping the lid shut.
  • Securely place it in the freezer by capping the lid.
  • The shells and filings can both be frozen separately.

It’s important to nest the macarons tightly to prevent moisture or air from getting inside and ruining their texture.

We don’t advise refreezing macarons that have already been frozen and thawed.

Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated How to Store Macarons
Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated? How to Store Macarons?

How Long Do Macarons Last?

Depending on how they are handled, macarons can be kept for up to three days at room temperature, seven days in the refrigerator, and three months in the freezer.

However, the key phrase there is “when properly stored.” It’s a bad habit for macarons to become stale, cracked, soggy, or, worse yet, to take on the flavors of any nearby foods. If not stored properly, they will go bad (really bad), so be sure to read the information below for the details you need to make them last.

Room Temp

Macaroons can be left out in the open for a couple of days as long as they are not exposed. Usually between two and three days, though if you order macarons from a specialty retailer, their packaging might keep these French treats fresher for longer.


If packaged and prepared correctly, macarons can last up to a week in the fridge. This is ideal if you have already purchased a box or if you’re planning to give them as a gift. Or perhaps you have the willpower to refrain from eating the entire box at once. Kudos to you.


Last but not least, we have the mighty freezer.

Macaroons can be frozen for up to three months when kept in the proper conditions. Those priceless sandwich cookies could disappear with just one mistake or leaky container. As a result, keep in mind to take your time when packaging them and to check that the container is airtight and lined with parchment paper.

How Long Do Macarons Stay Fresh Tasting?

This depends on how and if you properly store them.

Your macarons will remain deliciously fresh for two to three days if left out on the counter. So, that’s a great option for you if you know you’ll be eating them soon.

If not, they’ll stay fresh tasting for up to seven days in the fridge, so long as they’re stored properly.

You run the dangerous and cursed freezer taste if you freeze them. You understand what I’m referring to: that flavor that develops when something is kept in the freezer for an excessive amount of time; it’s slightly stale, cold, and oddly gross.

How to Defrost Frozen Macarons?

It is best to take the macarons out of the freezer 1 day before you need them and put them inside the fridge to defrost them slowly.

The use of the fridge helps gradually raise the macarons’ temperature as opposed to placing them on the counter to defrost or in the microwave, where the temperature change would be abrupt.

How to Store Macarons at Room Temp?

Reminder: When packaged properly, macarons can be left out on the counter for up to three days.

Let’s now dive into the details. Macaroons must be protected from the sun and stored away for two to three days. If doing so involves keeping them in your pantry, great! Or even outside on the counter, provided they are out of the sun and away from heat sources (ovens, stoves, dishwashers).

To maintain the delicate texture of macarons, always store them in airtight plastic containers. Your macaron card will be revoked if you even consider putting those French beauties in a plastic bag.

Plastic bags are not your friend when it comes to macarons, I can’t stress that enough! The macarons may crack or break if they come into contact with one another (especially when stacked).

In case this catastrophe happens, don’t worry—you can stop it by putting parchment paper in between layers.

How to Store Macarons in the Fridge?

The best way to keep macarons fresh is to keep them in the refrigerator. Your macarons will still taste good and the ingredients won’t have spoiled or changed flavor even after up to seven weeks in the refrigerator. Although macarons can be kept at room temperature, storing them in the refrigerator keeps them fresher. To ensure that they reach room temperature and are the ideal texture and temperature for your guests or for yourself when you come to eat them or serve them, be sure to remove the macaroons from the refrigerator at least 20 minutes before you are scheduled to serve them, but keep them in their plastic container.

Can You Store Macarons on the Counter?

When kept at room temperature, the majority of baked goods only last one to two days. The same goes for macarons.

Because macarons contain buttery fillings, storing them at room temperature could cause the butter to soften or melt, causing the macarons to lose their texture and crunch.

The macarons could break in a resealable bag, so if you want to keep them out on the counter, try to use a container rather than one.

Your sandwiched macarons may absorb moisture from the air and become overly soft if not stored in an appropriate airtight container.

Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated How to Store Macarons
Do Macarons Need to Be Refrigerated? How to Store Macarons?

Can You Freeze Macarons?

Yes, macarons can be frozen for up to six months.

But frozen macarons “sweat” water, according to my study of best macaron delivery in the US.

If you really need macarons later, freezing them is acceptable. But be aware that they will “sweat” water and most likely lose their outside crunch and the signature texture of a traditional macaron.

There is a simple explanation for this. Food’s water will change from liquid to solid when it is frozen. Then, as the item begins to thaw, humidity (airborne water) will come into contact with it.

And this humidity will “wet” the macaron on its surface, causing the shells to absorb water. It has lost its crunch and is now a softer macaron shell, which is not how a macaron should taste.

Keep Your Macarons Crisp and Soft

Maintaining the crispness and softness of your macarons is crucial, and Miss Macaroon has some advice for you in this regard, as well as packaging that will assist you. In order to keep your macaroons as crisp and soft as possible, Miss Macaroon stores them in airtight containers before gift-boxing and bubble-wrapping them. This minimizes the amount of air exposure. Macarons have a good shelf life, lasting up to 7 weeks in the refrigerator and 7 days at room temperature. To prevent drying out, it is probably best to store them in an airtight plastic container when storing them at room temperature. This will keep as much air out as possible. Again, we advise keeping them in their plastic container to keep the air out if you are putting them in the refrigerator. If you intend to use your macarons later than the day they are delivered, you must keep them soft and crisp.

What Can You Do With Soft Or Broken Macarons?

You can use these sweets again in a variety of recipes if your macarons are improperly packed and spoil while being stored.

Using crumbled macarons as a dessert topping is one of our favorite ways to repurpose leftover macarons. They can also be blended with milk and ice cream to make a delectable milkshake!

There are countless options, so use your imagination and share your ideas with us in the comments!

What Happens If Macarons Get Soggy?

Only at specific points can macarons be crisped up.

You’re left with a soggy mess if your macarons are already baked (shell and filling). However, if they are still separated, you can mend the shells before adding the filling.

Place the soggy shells in your oven at a very low temperature for about 10 minutes, checking them occasionally to make sure they’re not burning. Then, wait until they have cooled completely; do not hurry!–before filling the shells.

You’re mistaken if you believe that you can simply place the entire macaron in the oven with no consequences. And I say that with the utmost respect.

The common ingredients used to make macarons are egg whites, milk, and buttermilk, all of which will curdle or liquefy when heated. They might curdle if heated again, leaving you with a lumpy mess, or they might seep into the shells, making them even soggier.

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Will Macarons Soften in the Fridge?

Your good fortune: baking your shells longer than necessary is preferable to baking them too briefly. They will soften after you fill them and they ripen in the fridge.

Do Macarons Melt in Heat?

Because the macarons are often filled with buttercream or chocolate, they will definitely melt. Best kept inside, where they can enjoy a cool, shaded environment…and bring them out just before serving.

Should I Put Macarons in the Fridge Or Freezer?

Storing your macarons in the fridge is the best way to keep them fresh. Your macarons will still taste good and the ingredients won’t have spoiled or changed flavor even after up to seven weeks in the refrigerator.

How Long Do Macarons Last Out of the Fridge?

Macarons last for 7 days at ambient temperature and for up to 7 weeks in the fridge, so they do have quite a good shelf life. 

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